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Some of the latest news and ideas from Aridium Designs.

Christchurch Stands Tall

Troy Gutry

its a BATMAN Giraffe! 
We have been lucky to have received the commission of decorating a giraffe sponsored by the major sponsor of the Christchurch Stands Tall art trail, the Christchurch Casino. We also were very happy to have been awarded another second Giraffe to do as well, check our page for more updates as they come alive :) 

Christchurch Stands Tall is a mass appeal, large-scale public art event that will celebrate the Christchurch that is rising up and standing tall.


For 12 weeks in the summer of 2014-2015 Christchurch’s streets, parks and open spaces (of which we have many!) will be taken over by some unusual visitors… 2.5 metre high giraffes!

Not only bringing colour and humour to the city, the individually decorated giraffe sculptures will also raise money for local charities working in the city.

The charities who will receive funds raised from the Christchurch Stands Tall auction in February 2015 are now official. We are very proud to be supporting Child Cancer, Life Education Trust, Gap Filler and Life in Vacant Spaces. All exceptional charities doing significant good in the city.

Christchurch Stands Tall will:

1. Engage local professional artists, community groups and schools and celebrate the creativity of Christchurch.

2. Attract regional and national visitors to the city centre and surrounding areas through marketing and public relations campaigns.

3. Encourage local residents to become a “tourist in their own city”.

4. Increase awareness, footfall and ultimately visitor spend in the city.

5. Be Christchruch’s newest and most wide reaching event of the summer

Our second commission is a rusted piece; 

Progress picks to come :) :) :)

Progress picks to come :) :) :)